For those who come by „train”:

We recommend to use the 11:37 connection (bus) starting from Stadionok station. You can reach it by Metro line 2. (Station name: Puskás Ferenc Stadion)

We have planted two helpers to facilitate your way to the Stadionok station, namely

Bálint PÉTERDI (mobile: +36204418772) and

Orsolya VIKTORIK (mobile: +36306075991).

They will be around from 10:45-11:20 on spot, with a table showing the conference poster, They try to be very visible. One of them in the Metro, the other right by the replacement bus.

The replacement bus will start from the far end of the bus station, on the non-covered area on the right side. Tickets can be bought near the bus, not from the driver but a ticket officer in blue vest. The most important thing is to have Hungarian money (cash) ready. The price of the ticket is 4200 HUF. You can also buy pre-paid ticket on internet (, easier and cheaper.




Sárospatak is about 250 kms from Budapest to the North-East, easily accessible by private car but not so easy by train or bus. Budapest is easily accessible by public transport with aeroplane, train, bus and it is also available by personal vehicles.

Right now the best way to come to Sárospatak is by car. We will follow possibilities for public transport and keep you informed.

Special difficulties in the public transport:

Due to construction works the railway line from Budapest-Keleti station to Sárospatak via Miskolc is partly out of operation.

The replacement buses depart from the "Stadionok" bus station in Budapest (the neighbouring metro station "Puskás Ferenc stadion" of the "red" metro line 2) to Hatvan

Furthermore, until 26 May the Keleti railway staion in Budapest is closed for the passangers due to renovation works.

You can buy tickets from Budapest to Sárospatak at each railway stations (and hopefully on 26 May at the Stadionok bus station too).

Moreover, it is possible to buy tickets on internet and download to ypur smart phone after registration:


We recommend to use the following trains:

Budapest - Stadionok: 7:37 - Hatvan: 8:43 (by replacement bus) - Sárospatak: 12:01 (by train)

Budapest - Stadionok: 11:37 - Hatvan: 12:43 (by replacement bus) - Sárospatak: 16:01 (by train)

Budapest - Stadionok: 13:37 - Hatvan: 14:43 (by replacement bus) - Sárospatak: 18:01 (by train)

Budapest - Stadionok: 15:37 - Hatvan: 16:43 (by replacement bus) - Sárospatak: 20:01 (by train)

Budapest - Stadionok: 17:37 - Hatvan: 18:43 (by replacement bus) - Sárospatak: 22:01 (by train)

For further possibilities see the official website of the railway company:


Nearest international airports to Sárospatak are found at Košice (Slovakia) and Debrecen at a distance of 70 and 120 km.