Two excursions (included in the registration fee), will be organised during the conference:

(1) to the obsidian sources of Viničky, Streda nad Bodrogom and Brehov as well as the archaeological locality of Kašov in Slovakia

(2) to the sources at Bodrogkeresztúr, Mád and Olaszliszka in Hungary


A post-conference tour to Carpathian 3 sources (Ukraine) is organised, depending on possibilities, at extra costs of 100 Euro (see registration form).

Please take timing into consideration, the Ukrainian trip will return to Sárospatak in the evening of 30th May.

Please keep in your mind that for citizens of a number of countries visa is required to Ukraine.

Remember that you have to cross the EU (Schengen) border twice, that means multiple visa.

Please visit the Consular Service website of your respective countries for more information.